Margherita (V)                                                  €10
Mozzarella, tomato & basil
Mozzarella, Tomaten & Basilikum    A,G                

Cajun Chicken                                                   €12
Spicy chicken, mushrooms, red onions & peppers topped with Parsley
Scharfes Hähnchen, Champignons, rote Zwiebeln & Paprika mit Pertisilie    A,G  

American                                                            €12
Mozzarella & Salami  A

Vegetarian Feast (V)                                          €12
Sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, sweetcorn mushrooms & red onions
Sonnengetrockende Tomaten, Paprika, Mais, Champignons & rote Zwiebeln  A,G,O       

Funghi (V)                                                           €11
Mushrooms & garlic topped with parsley
Champignons & Knoblauch mit Pertisilie   A,G

Tiroler                                                                  €13
Speck, frankfurter & pork A,G
Speck, Frankfurter & schwienefilleten    

Hawaiian                                                             €11
Ham & Pineapple
Schinken & Ananas    A,G            

Specktacular                                                      €12
Speck, mushrooms, caramelised onions, egg & garlic topped with parsley (no tomato sauce)
Speck, champignons, karamellisierte Zwiebeln, Ei & Knoblauch  mit Pertisilie (keine Tomatensauce)    A,G,C          

Diablo                                                                   €13
Salami, chilli flakes, spicy beef, red onions & jalapeños
Salami, Chiliflocken, scharfes Rindfleisch, rote Zwiebeln & Jalapeños    A,G           

Pizza Caprese (V)                                             €13
Sun-dried tomatoes, caramelised onions & garlic topped with baby mozzarella & basil
Sonnengetrockende Tomaten, karamellisierte Zwiebeln & Knoblauch bedeckt mit Mozzarella & Basilikum    A,G 

 Pizza Ziege (V)                                                  €13
Spinach, caramelised onions, goat’s cheese, red onion & garlic
Spinat, karamellisierte Zwiebeln, Ziegenkäse, rote Zwiebeln & Knoblauch    A,G  

Scotty’s Special                                                 €12
Spinach, speck, olives, egg, garlic & parmesan
Spinat, Speck, Oliven, Ei, Knoblauch & parmesan  A,G,C

Extras                                                           €1
Spinach, caramelised onions, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, Pineapple, jalapenos, peppers, olives, egg, ham
Spinat, Karamelisierte Zwiebeln, Mais, Tomaten, Champignons, Ananas, Jalapenos, paprika, Oliven, Ei, Schinken

Extra Extras                                                €1.50
Salami, spicy beef, spicy chicken, bacon, swede fillets, hot sausage, mozzarella, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes
Salami, scharfes Rindfleisch, scharfes Hähnchen, ,Speck, Schwienefilleten scharfes Wurst, Mozzarella, Ziegenkäse, sonnengetrockende tomaten

Sides, Salads and Desserts

Dough Balls                                            €3,50
Teigbällchen   A,G           

Garlic Bread                                           €3,50
Knoblauchbrot    A,G     

Garlic Bread with Cheese                 €4.50
Knoblauchbrot mit Käse    A,G   

Mozzarella & Tomato Salad  (V)    €5,50/€9,50
Mozzarella & Tomaten Salat    G,H,O     

Mixed Salad                                           €4,50
Gemischter Salat    O                

Soup of the Day                                    €4,50
See specials board/ Siehe sondermenu

Ice cream
Eis    C,F,G
2 scoops                                                       €3.50
3 scoops                                                       €4.50

Dessert of the day                               €5.50
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